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Please see below some frequently asked questions that should help answer many enquiries.  Should you have any additional questions, please drop a note to [email protected], and we'll get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.

Question : Is parking available at parent & child class venues?
Answer : We have tried to choose venues that have parking, or paid local street parking available. However, it's subject to availability on the day.
Question : How many children are in a class?
Answer : We have a maximum of 15 children per class.
Question : Do parents stay for the duration of parent & child classes?
Answer : Parents must attend for the duration of all parent & child classes for children aged 1-5 years.
Question : Can Sparkle Arts conduct a children's party service in a parents home?
Answer : We do provide a party service within the home, however we restrict numbers to 15 children. We advise parents to consider an alternative venue as it allows us to be more creative with the party theme.
Question : Do parents stay for the duration of holiday workshops?
Answer : Parents may leave children aged 6-12 under the supervision of Sparkle Arts, but need to stay in attendance for all children aged 1-5 years.
Question : Do you give refunds should I (parent or carer) cancel a term, individual class, workshop or party?
Answer : Sparkle Arts has significant upfront costs for administration, teachers, venues in order to organise & deliver classes. As a result refunds can not be given under any circumstances.
Question : Do parents need to stay for the duration of a party?
Answer : All parents must stay for the duration of a party for children under 5, on prior agreement parties for children aged 6-12 years may be left under the supervision of Sparkle Arts teachers.
Question : How long are Parent & Child and/or nursery based classes?
Answer : Age 1-2 years - 30 mins. Ages 2-3, 3-5 or 2-5 - 45mins.
Question : Can i book individual classes?
Answer : Yes, unlike the vast majority of children's class providers, we do allow parents to book individual parent & child classes. However, classes within a nursery setting may only be booked on a termly basis. This is to help avoid children being excluded from any given class taking place within a nursery room.
Question : Is there an additional booking fee?
Answer : No additional booking fees, no joins fees for any Sparkle Arts activity.
Question : Can i attend a parent & child class with a younger sibling who will not be taking part in the class?
Answer : Yes, we welcome mothers with young siblings.
Question : Can I choose a party theme?
Answer : You can choose one of our many party themes on offer, or for an additional fee have a bespoke party designed to the theme of your choice. Just click on the themes tab in the left hand navigation bar to view all party themes.
Question : When are your holiday workshops?
Answer : Holiday workshops will be held during local school holiday periods. Our next workshop will have a "Witches & Wizards" theme and will take place during October Mid – term break. Venue & details will be made available soon. Click on the Holiday workshop page for more details.
Question : Do you deliver a Christmas party service?
Answer : Yes! We can offer a fantastic Christmas party to parents, nurseries, playgroups or other child settings.
Question : Can I take photographs in class?
Answer : You may take photographs of your own child in class, but may not take photographs that include any other children without the express permission of the parents of those children.