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Share some Sparkle together at our parent & child classes.

All the music, dance and drama you’d expect from Sparkle Arts – only this time you can get involved and enjoy a magical time with your child.

By using fun props, costumes, puppets, and musical instruments, we bring a different theme to life each week.  You can pick and choose the classes you wish to attend, based upon the theme and availability.  However, we strongly recommend you book a full terms worth of classes to avoid disappointment, and ensure a comprehensive learning experience that builds over time.  By taking part with your little one, you’ll watch their confidence and knowledge grow as their skills and abilities improve. And we guarantee you’ll have lots of fun along the way.

Classes are available for the following age groups: 1-2, 2-3 & 3-5 years.


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Find & Book

   Are you a parent who'd like to have a Sparkle Arts class in your local area but we don't currently teach one? If so, we'd like to hear from you. Find & Book

  • "My daughter has attended Sparkle Arts classes for over a year now and I feel she has benefitted greatly. I have noticed a difference in her confidence and social skills as well as a distinct improvement in her co-ordination. Above all the classes are great fun........ for both of us!"

    Amanda Hamilton, Parent

  • "Rachel attended Sparkle Arts during 2009/2010 and loves the variety of activities - dancing, music, story and role play. She looks forward to coming to the classes every week. The topics are good fun and mum has learnt a lot - especially about the flags of the world!"

    Louise Hamilton, Parent

  • “I've been coming to Sparkle Arts with my daughter, Grace, for about 18 months now. In this time, she has grown from being shy in group settings, to thriving on getting involved and being around other children."

    Maire Cox, Parent

  • “Imogen has loved Sparkle Arts and we will definitely be booking up for the next term. There is a fantastic mix of music, dance, role playing and activities with new themes every week, which keeps them entertained and mummy enjoys her cup of tea and biscuit at the end of the class!”

    Audrey Cassels, Parent

  • "My daughter, Carys and I have enjoyed going to Sparkle Arts parent and child classes since she was 18 months. Now 3 1/2 she still loves them. The themes are fabulous and very informative - too informative at times as Carys wants to go to Africa now to see the lions and all the animals she learnt about at the Africa themed Sparkle Arts class! Dayle and her teachers have a special quality that captures the interest of children and engages them throughout the class. The classes are magical, and a sheer delight and as a parent it is great that I can still join in the classes, as many pre-school classes are child only from 3 years old."

    Alison Melton, Parent

  • My twins have been addicted to Sparkle Arts classes since I signed them up last summer. Every week has a different theme that uses songs, actions and props to get the message across but with several songs and actions repeated each week to give the children the repetition and familiarity they crave at this age. We love the excitement of finding out what the new theme is each week and there is plenty of variety to keep boys and girls equally happy. My daughter Isla has loved the "butterflies", "dogs" and "love" classes, whereas Duncan's highlights have been crawling round the room being a polar bear and dressing up as a fireman for the "What do you want to be when you grow up" class. The teacher Jennifer has boundless energy and really gets the children fired up in the magic of the topic and keeps their attention for the full class - not an easy task! This allows me to either join in with them or sit at the side with my newborn and watch.

    Rhona McGrath, Parent

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